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If you own an investment property in Memphis, you already know that there’s quite a lot more to the experience than simply waiting to collect rent checks. Ownership is a job, and it’s one that can be made significantly easier if you employ the services of a property manager company in Memphis. Facing a vacancy? Talented Memphis property managers can help advertise your property far and wide, increase the probability of it attracting responsible tenants, screen potential tenants once they’ve applied, and prepare the unit for their arrival. Got a maintenance issue on your hands? A good property manager has the contacts and the experience to handle it swiftly and expertly, keeping the cost to you as low as possible, and ensuring your tenant’s satisfaction. Our state of the art property management website ensures both you and your tenant can find what they need.

Of course, not all Memphis property managers are created equal. As in any field, there is a wide range of talent and commitment to be found. This is why we recommend that you choose Lubin Property Management, LLC. We employ nothing less than the wisest, kindest, and most dedicated property management staff in Memphis, and we have the track record to prove it.

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