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Berclair Property Management

Lubin Property Management, LLC employs a staff as dedicated, hard-working, extensively trained, and experienced as you'll find anywhere, and this is what makes us the premier Berclair property management company. Our mission is three-fold: to provide residents with exemplary service in a quality home environment, to provide employees unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional development, and to provide partners and clients with maximized real estate asset value. Berclair, TN property management is a complex and difficult business to master. We understand that our customers dictate the industry standards for quality and service, and that their praise, confidence, and loyalty must be won. We work toward this end alone with everything we do, as our goal is to be nothing less than the first choice for property management in the Greater Berclair area for owners, residents, and professionals in the property management field alike.

Our Berclair property management services include:
24/7 Maintenance. We engage a range of technicians to respond to any and all emergency maintenance requests swiftly and skillfully.

24-48 Hour Service on All Maintenance Requests. Just because it wasn't urgent, doesn't mean it wasn't important. No maintenance request will have to wait more than two days to be addressed.
Rent Collection. What could be more crucial to a property investor than this? We promise timely collection and distribution of rent each and every month.

Monthly Financial Statements. Property owners deserve - and need - to see a thorough account of a property's income and expenses every month, to track trends over time and guide future planning. That is why we consider the provision of monthly financial statements an essential facet of our responsibility to owners.

Daily Maintenance Reports (Available Online). Repairs must be made (and preventative measures must be taken) frequently to keep any property habitable, and therefore profitable. As these jobs add up fast, owners deserve unrestricted access to a frequently updated account of each repair and its associated cost.

Online Maintenance Requests. The internet brings new convenience and speed to all of our daily affairs, so why should the process of filing a maintenance request be left out? Our online maintenance portal makes this process faster and clearer than ever.

Online Rent Payment. Tenants can now pay rent right on time every month without having to bother with envelopes and stamps, or a trip across town. Online rent payment also ensures faster collection of rent, which enables faster delivery to owners.

Electronic Funds Transfer. Rent payments can now be processed and deposited into owners' accounts of choice in an instant.

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Make Ready Services. A critical feature of a property management company's job is to restore a vacated unit to pristine condition for a new tenant. We employ first-rate cleaning crews to ensure that this job is consistently done well and fast.

Security Deposit Collection and Returns. In no uncertain terms, owners require that security deposits be collected immediately upon occupancy, and tenants require that they be returned upon vacancy. By acting as intermediary, we can expedite these exchanges to the satisfaction of everyone.

Owner Portal to View Monthly Statements. Owners will never have to settle for less than completely reliable access to their monthly financial reports. Our online portal makes this access convenient as well.

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